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Artifex Investigations Ltd provides a wide range of investigative services. This list is not exhaustive and we will be pleased to discuss your individual situation and requirements. Our investigations services represent excellent value for money. Please see the following list, which you can click on, to find out more…

Criminal Investigations

At present police resources are stretched to the limit and cannot always provide the service you desperately need or deserve. This is where we come in to carry out a full and detailed investigation.

Whether as an individual or business, we can provide a team that will work closely with you to satisfy your needs at what can be an extremely difficult time for you.

A suitable investigator will be selected for your individual needs. They will identify lines of enquiry and if necessary, call on others with specialised skills to assist in achieving a satisfactory outcome.

All those investigators deployed by Artifex have many years’ experience in the world of criminal investigation, gained by working in various police units and relevant government agencies.

It maybe that as a victim of crime you want the police to lead on your investigation but are not sure that you are receiving the service you wish for. At Artifex, we can act as your liaison with the officer in the case and, at times, ask difficult questions of them to ensure that everything is done to your satisfaction.

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Criminal Appeals

Although we have trust in the justice system of this country, there are times when the wrong people are convicted. This can be an extremely distressing time for those accused as well as family and friends.

We at Artifex Investigations Limited have years of experience in reviewing evidence and advising clients as to what grounds there may be to take your case to appeal. Through contacts with experienced solicitors and barristers, we can also guide and support you through the process.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss your case. We will carry out an initial assessment and advise you honestly as to what can be done. We act with the utmost integrity and will not take on work where a potential client is obviously guilty.

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Investigative Training

We offer a wide range of investigative courses to both the public and private sector. Our trainers are qualified to NVQ level 3 and have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Courses include disclosure, suspect and witness interviewing, statement taking and basic investigation techniques.

All these courses can by tailored for your individual needs and are suitable for both prosecution and defence. Please contact us as we will be more than willing to discuss your requirements.

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Statement Taking

There are occasions when for criminal or civil proceedings an official record is required by way of a written statement.

Our team are all fully trained in the nationally recognised PEACE model and are therefore able to obtain a clear, precise and detailed account that will be to your benefit, no matter what the situation.

For the more complex cases, we do have individuals who have passed the highest possible level of police training in cognitive and advanced witness interview techniques. This also includes Achieving Best Evidence interviews with children and vulnerable adults.

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Partner Infidelity

Unfortunately, there may come a time when you have doubts concerning your partner’s fidelity. We can help to either allay your fears or sadly, confirm your suspicions.

Artifex can deploy various tactics in order to observe your partner’s activities and gather evidence, should you require us to do so.

Please contact us to discuss your issues so that we can assess your needs and set a bespoke plan for your approval. Rest assured all discussions will be in the strictest of confidence.

Talk to us for a no-obligation price.

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Surveillance and Covert Tactics

Artifex will carry out covert investigations discreetly and effectively.

We have the capability of deploying surveillance operatives who have received the highest possible training from law enforcement agencies. In addition, we can fit vehicle tracking devices or other covert equipment such as listening devices or cameras.

Please call to discuss your needs, whether you are an individual or a company, we have the ability to furnish your need in this field of investigation.

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Workplace Investigations

If you are a company owner, there may be a time when you are unsure of the integrity of your staff for whatever reason. Usually this will be theft or fraud.

Following discussions with you, we will set a bespoke investigation plan and use all necessary tactics to explore your concerns. This may include witness interviewing, intelligence gathering or covert tactics.

Following and evidence gathering stage, and should you wish to deal with the matter ‘in house’ we have staff trained to the highest level who can interview any suspects identified.

We can also gather together the evidence and present a file of documents suitable to be handed to the police.

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Defence Team Support

We are a company that has extensive experience in court work. We can assist a defence team in many issues before, during and after a trial. This will include: Review of evidence and in particular disclosure, statement taking and note taking during the hearing. We can also liaise with defence witnesses to ensure their attendance and explain the process.

This is an excellent service and has found most beneficial to the defence in past cases.

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Missing Persons Enquiries

If somebody close to you is missing and you would like them located then please contact us and we can help you to find them.

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Insurance Claims

We are experts in carrying out investigations into Insurance Claims.

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Intelligence Research

We provide an Intelligence Research service. Please contact us for more details.

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If we haven’t mentioned what you are looking for, please get in contact with us as if we cannot help, we have a network of trusted fellow investigators that may be able to assist.

Rod Hayler
Simon’s unique insight into the world of police investigatory process proved invaluable to us as we assessed what we had, what we ought to have and, most importantly, what we ought to be asking for. As a result, Simon’s input allowed us to submit a far more targeted and useful list of requests to the prosecution than would otherwise have been the case and this, in turn, led to a more productive disclosure experience.
Rod Hayler

Managing Director, Old Bailey Solicitors London

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